Notes on 50 Rides
Notes on 50 Rides
Notes on 50 Rides
Notes on 50 Rides
Notes on 50 Rides
Notes on 50 Rides

Notes on 50 Rides

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Notes on 50 Rides is an easy to use document containing 50 pages of our Ride Notes journal template to record your thoughts on fifty of your rides.  This product can be used as a supplement to any of our EQ Journals or used completely on its own.

We found that although it is easy to journal about many of your rides if you PRINTED one of our EQ Journals, it was difficult to journal about more than a handful of rides directly in the Journal PDF. It is still possible to print multiple copies of these pages from our EQ Journals and fill them in by hand, but we wanted to offer a DIGITAL solution. We developed Notes on 50 Rides as a more fluid format for everyone wanting to journal their rides in a digital format.

We want to be clear, this document DOES NOT contain all of the info pages for recording contact info for your support team, info on your horse's health, feed, tack, etc. these pages are found in our EQ Journals.

Notes on 50 Rides is 54 pages long, with 50 pages of editable content. US Letter sized pages.  25 of these pages also have dedicated space to add your own pics.

This is an interactive PDF file! All content pages can be updated directly in the PDF. Keep it fun and customize your notes and add your favorite pics directly to the PDF document before you print! We also recognize that everyone has a different style for journaling, and all of our BLD journals and journal supplements allow you to either print your journal and fill in the details by hand or complete all of the fields on your computer as a PDF form.

Print or save as many copies as you like and use over and over again, but please do not share your file with others. Notes on 50 Rides licenses are limited to use by a single person.

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Please note that this listing is for a digital download of the product described in this listing. You will not receive a printed version in the mail, but you can print your download.  We do not accept returns of digital downloads.

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