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About Us

Bending Line Designs 

“A bending line is a curved line between two fences.  Riding a bending line takes thinking ahead and accurate riding…”, United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship.

In dressage, "You cannot escape the bending line.  It begins immediately in Intro Level Test A with the twenty meter circle",  www.dressagedifferent.com.

We're a very small business based in our hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.  I created Bending Line Designs as a way to incorporate my passions in life - graphic design, fashion, and riding.  

We take pride in each item produced by BLD.  We develop the designs, prepare the screens, hand print each shirt, shoot the product pics, and manage the website.  Most of all, we hope you enjoy our products and wearing them reminds you of your passions!

Check us out on Instagram and Facebook.  Upload pics on Instagram of you and your BLD gear, tag us @bendinglinedesigns, and we'll repost your pics.